Many homeowners have recently chosen modern-style apartment interior design due to its modern and meticulous architecture. In addition, the function also meets the other needs of the family. To be able to design a modern – luxurious – impressive interior, please join us in referring to the interior samples that Alisarch introduces below.

  • Elements that form a modern apartment interior design

We can present an apartment in any style depending on the interior or decoration.

Here are a few features that will make it easier for you to recognize the popular modern interior design style:

1.1 Modern style is present in the space of the apartment

When you first enter an apartment, you will see a living room that always brings simplicity and comfort. The arrangement and selection of appliances, refrigeration, and electronic equipment will also show a bold modern style. In addition, you can also decorate LED lights or some wall paintings as accents

In a modern-style apartment, the living room cannot be without a sofa, you should choose leather or fabric, the details are designed in a minimalist way, and it is indispensable to decorate the room. Guests look more beautiful and relaxed.


Modern-style bedrooms will often focus on convenience, so they often design a small attached toilet, in addition to other personal equipment such as a dressing table, mirror, or even a chair. Wall paintings are created with new materials and bright colors, clearly showing modern elements.


A kitchen designed in a modern style will often be more functional, ensuring completeness and convenience when used.

1.2 modern apartment design color elements

The house’s color is an essential factor in expressing the owner’s personality. Color in living spaces always makes many homeowners feel more energetic and comfortable. On the other hand, color is a powerful tool to inspire, and create an emotional circuit, differentiating your room.

Colors in modern style are not too restrictive and limited, you can use any color you like, usually white as the primary color, combined with some neutral colors to create accents.

 Color elements make an impressive and luxurious modern style


1.3 About materials in impressive modern luxury apartment design

To be able to design and construct a beautiful and effective modern apartment, the stage of choosing the right interior material is quite important. Each style can use different materials, and with modern styles, materials such as wood, glass, or metal are preferred.

1.4 Choosing furniture in modern apartment design

For modern style, the interior is usually simple in favor of function, not sophisticated like classical or neoclassical style. Multi-purpose furniture with many uses, also known as smart furniture, is given top priority such as a tea table combined with a desk, or a sofa combined with a bed … This furniture has just ensured comfort in living while bringing airy space to your home.

  1. Modern – luxurious – impressive apartment interior design consultation

2.1 Interior design of the living room

The living room is the place to receive guests visiting the family or also the place of family activities after a tiring day of work, which can be compared to the living room as the face of the owner, so the living room is the place that plays an important role in a house.

With a modern and simple design style, the living room space becomes luxurious and comfortable.


Impressive modern luxury living room design

Indoor lighting, both natural and artificial, has an impact on the quality of the energy in your house.

2.2 Bedroom interior design

To be able to own an apartment with the perfect interior space requires a highly experienced architect to perfectly combine the interior and the apartment space. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to other factors such as “feng shui”, and usability to meet all standards set by users.

The bedroom is not only a place to sleep or rest, but it is also a place to help the owner relax after a long tiring day of work, and also shows the aesthetic taste and style of its owner.

Bedroom interior design usually uses only 2 or 3 main colors. With a variety of color combinations, from the contrasting, striking color scheme to the elegant color selection in the bedroom. The bedroom is coordinated with neutral colors to bring a polite and luxurious space.

2.3 Design of dining room and kitchen

In apartments, the dining room and the kitchen are designed to connect to create an open space, which saves room space and is convenient for cooking and arranging dishes on the table.

Depending on the preferences of each homeowner, you can choose a square, oval, or long table with different materials such as stainless steel or wood …

The interior design of the apartment’s dining room and kitchen

When designing the kitchen, in addition to paying attention to the cooking function, you also have to combine it with the dining room in a harmonious way, creating a sense of cohesion as well as unity for the entire general design.

There are many styles of kitchen cabinets, but L-shaped cabinets are often used for small or medium-sized apartments. The L-shaped kitchen can take advantage and make the most of the dead corners in the kitchen. Make your kitchen space more functional.

The kitchen space, compact dining table interior design in a modern style

  1. Where you can find a professional company for requirements of the interior design of the apartment modern – luxurious – impressive?

The interior design of apartments in a modern – luxurious – impressive style and package construction are services that are very interesting to many homeowners in recent times. However, many people are still wondering whether to hire an apartment interior design consultant or not know where to hire an apartment interior designer.

Alisarch is always proud to be a high-class apartment interior design company and is evaluated as a prestigious package design and construction address in the domestic and international markets. Alisarch is satisfied and trusted by many customers with our high-class apartment interior designs.

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