About Alis

About Arch. Tam Lu

Arch. Tam Lu is one of the leading interior architects providing clients with diverse services from design to fit-out of projects requiring high standards and values. She does her best throughout the process to build lasting relationships based on honesty, trust, outstanding customer service, and results that reflect the right business strategy and culture of projects. After more than 10 years of operation in Vietnam, Arch. Tam Lu has now expanded her business to the UK, US, EU, Dubai, Australia.

Founded in 2013, Alis’s furniture is its own know-how, a capacity that merges culture and knowledge and which, prior to becoming a gesture, is a design idea You can see and feel the actual printed color, finishing and style through Alis’s furniture. Arch. Tam Lu and her designer stylists will work with you to incorporate decor ideas, decor accessories and more to craft a unique style for your home or your workplace Alis’s furniture can be customized exactly to your needs and taste and they are renowned for their modularity, functionality and uncompromising quality – all expressed with effortless style are manufactured and installed according to European standards

Alis – The perfect partner for furniture production worldwide

In the dynamic world of furniture production, Alis stands as a beacon of excellence, consistently delivering high-quality furniture that seamlessly blends design, functionality, and exceptional customer service. With a team of passionate designers, skilled craftsmen, and a commitment to innovation, Alis has established itself as a trusted partner for both residential and commercial projects.

Alis – core services

Based in Vietnam and the UK, Alis is an established furniture company with inspiration from the UK and EU blended with Vietnamese culture.

Alis caters to clients by offering a comprehensive range of furniture solutions that transcend geographical boundaries: Manufacturing and selling furniture by containers worldwide at FOB prices for many high-end furniture retailers, the hotel industry focusing mainly on the markets: US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia and Dubai.

Three core services consistently delivered with exceptional quality are:

– Customize our collections

– Custom design just for you

– Manufacture your designs

A symphony of expertise

The very first reason why Alis become an ideal partner in furniture manufacturing is because it owns a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who embody the company’s core values of excellence, innovation, and collaboration:

Research & Development Center

Alis Furniture’s R&D center is a hub of innovation, where brilliant minds transform ideas into reality. The center plays a crucial role in research, prototype development, and customer information security. Alis’ top priority is securing customer information before sending them to large factories for mass processing.

Technical team

Composed of skilled engineers and technicians, they meticulously transform designs into detailed production drawings, ensuring that each piece is crafted to perfection. Their expertise extends beyond blueprints, as they closely monitor the production process, working hand-in-hand with workers to guarantee adherence to the highest standards of quality and precision.

European designer team

Hailing from Europe, Alis’ creative designers bring a global perspective and a knack for stylish designs to every project. Whether it’s a grand hotel lobby or a cozy villa, they craft furniture that’s both beautiful and practical. Their expertise caters to a range of high-end clients, ensuring that hotels, resorts, villas, and retail stores receive furniture that reflects their unique brand and enhances the overall guest experience.

Quality management team

Alis also takes quality seriously. That’s why they have a dedicated quality management team stationed right at the factory. This team acts like your eyes and ears, constantly checking furniture against the agreed-upon quality standards. They make sure everything is built to last and meets the promises made to you, the customer.

Why Alis stands out?

In the crowded furniture market, where options abound, Alis Furniture distinguishes itself by going beyond mere aesthetics and functionality. They prioritize your well-being and your success, ensuring that every piece we craft not only enhances your living space but also contributes to your health and prosperity.

Safety & Health experts

One of the things that truly sets Alis apart is their dedicated safety and health experts. These experts boast over 15 years of experience working at the prestigious JM Matthey factory in the UK. They actively participate in training and overseeing production at the factories. This ensures that every piece of furniture produced meets strict health and safety criteria.

Market entry support

Alis goes beyond simply providing furniture; Alis offers comprehensive support services that empower you to make informed decisions and establish a strong foothold in your target market.

Alis team of experts will provide you with in-depth market advice and insights, tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Alis will help you understand the market landscape, identify potential opportunities, and develop effective strategies for success.

To ensure a smooth transition, Alis provides you with in-market support, giving you a local presence to address any challenges that arise. Alis also connect you with strategic partners, expanding your network and opening doors to new collaborations.

Before you place an order, Alis conducts thorough financial assessments of potential partners, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Commitment to excellence

“At Alis, we believe that excellence is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality furniture, exceptional service, and unwavering support. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of our business, from our rigorous product development process to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

With Alis, you can be confident that you are choosing a company that is committed to excellence. We are proud of our reputation and we will continue to work hard to earn your trust and business.”

Additional Consulting service

Business consulting services and brand strategy in Vietnam, UK, US, EU, Dubai, Australia market.

We help Clients explore & achieve in first market entry: In-depth advice, Market Insight, In-market Support, Strategic Connection, Right Business Partners

We help Clients design growth answers for business and brands today and for the future with both rigor and creativity. We are the business strategy, innovation, rebranding and marketing department insights arm of Clients.

We work primarily as strategic advisors to clients on all aspects of branding, marketing and business growth. We work closely with the above businesses including Advertising, Branding and Communications, Public Relations & Influence.

Our consulting team works across all sectors and categories related to the construction, architecture, interior, furniture, logistics and supply chain industries.

Additional Service Lines cover key areas:

· Business planning consulting, sales and marketing solutions

· Enterprise Valuation Consulting

· Accounting, Financial Reporting, Outsourcing and Chief Accountant Appointment

· Tax Consulting and Compliance

· Payroll Outsourcing and HR Advisory

· Licensing, Market Entry and Company Structuring

· Advisory Services and Transaction Support