About Alis

Project Management

Based on the classification and assessment of the scale and complexity of the project, Alisarch advises the customer – the Investor to build a system of objectives: Environmentally friendly. Quality, Progress, Safety, Cost, Aesthetics. Based on the approved target system Alisarch takes steps to ensure that the project development is a seamless and complete experience for the customer:

  1. Establish the management process and set up the system information to support project management.
  2. Establish regulations and legal procedures related to the project
  3. Advise the Investor on the management of risks related to the project
  4. Manage design contract and design content Design made by the design contractor
  5. Advising the Investor in selecting contractors, signing contracts with contractors
  6. Managing the contract performance of contractors throughout the stages: Construction – Acceptance – Handover – Warranty

Construction Supervision

Alisarch is the 3rd party involved in the project to ensure that the contracts between the Client – the Investor and the contractors are executed safely. High Quality, Full Volume and On Time Progress. Alisarch promotes this process based on applicable Laws, Regulations, Standards, Signed Contracts and approved designs. 

Exterior & Interior Design 

You can see and feel the actual printed color, finishing and style through our design. Our designer stylists work with you to incorporate decor ideas, decor accessories and more to craft a unique style for your home or your workplace.


Our furniture can be customized exactly to your needs and taste and they are renowned for their modularity, functionality and uncompromising quality – all expressed with effortless style.