Stolz Miras Office

Sturdy, elegant exterior design

Stolz Miras is a company specializing in processing mechanical industrial equipment, so Alis advised the company to choose black as the main color of its office building. Seen from the outside, the office building of Stolz Miras has a sturdy, hefty, yet modern look.

Its interior space is designed to be close to nature. Alis chose to build frameless tempered glass walls in the façade to take advantage of natural light. Owing to this solution, the office is not only spacious and airy but also cool.

Cozy, modern interior

Unlike the exterior, the interior space is cozy, making the employees feel like home.

Wooden yellow is the main color of the interior, creating a cozy atmosphere

The blend of golden color and black color of iron details gives the feeling of steadiness in the CEO’s working area

With its own woodworking workshop where lots of modern machines are put into use, Alis made the best and most beautiful furniture products possible for Stolz Miras.

The majority of the tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, stairs, and walls there are made with Thailand’s veneered MDF that is resistant to high humidity, durable, hard, anti-termite, and anti-warping.

Such a large company as Stolz Miras has high requirements for quality. Therefore, Alis has devoted itself to this project, from design to construction.

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