A corner filled with cozy atmosphere in Tan Binh district

Alisarch has just completed an apartment of luxurious, modern style, yet imbued with cozy atmosphere, for a young couple.

It took Alisarch 2 months to complete this “cozy apartment”. Let’s have a look!

The living room interior design is quite simple and pleasant with a small cream sofa going with a small wooden table, creating a basic and warm space.

Minimalist interior effectively helps reduce the pressure on the room space.

Owing to smartly designed interior, the floor area is made full use of. The kitchen area is a typical example of this. Despite small area, the kitchen is modern and comfortable. The wall mounted cabinet system is raised to the ceiling to maximize the storage area.

You need to consult architects and a team in charge of interior design and construction to turn your ideas into the living spaces as you wish.

Such a complete contractor, a part from designing a suitable interior space for you, helps you keep the process and quality of the work as well as the cost under control, avoiding unnecessary costs incurred.

Established in 2013, Alisarch is one of the furniture companies that provide a wide range of services, including interior design and construction of offices, apartments, villas, restaurants, hotels, etc., meet high-end requirements of customers and deliver excellent value. We always strive to complete the projects based on the long-term relationship with our customers built on our honesty, trust, quality, and excellent customer service.


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