“We want to have a pink touch in our apartment.”

“We want to have a pink touch in our apartment.”

You ask, we deliver.

The idea for this apartment stemmed from the desire of the client: evoke a feeling of sophisticated luxury. And they wanted pink. So we added pink. 

The kitchen is connected to the living room. An open-plan kitchen always brings people together. The bedroom is there to simply evoke calm and create a space for a good night’s rest.

We used wooden panels, iron, glass, and mirrors, with a combination of gentle cream tones and clean lines. Our idea was to align this 82m2 space aligns with not only the owner’s needs but also their personality. It’s comfortable and calm, with an aura of luxury. To add a bit of contrast and spice, we placed unique and beautiful art around the walls and added a lighting system that makes the space come alive.


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