Architect Tam Lu and the journey of conquering the UK furniture market with Alisarch

With the love for the art of painting, coupled with the established artistic tradition of her family, female architect Tam Lu (Lu Thi Thanh Tam) has devoted herself to realizing her potential to the fullest and reaped impressive achievements on her career path. Tam Lu has shined ever more brightly when she sails the boat of Alisarch- one of the most famous architectural – interior design companies in Vietnam – to the great sea, starting a new journey full of challenges in the UK.

From landscape paintings to real architectural works

Tam Lu started her journey of bringing Vietnamese architecture to the world quite early. As soon as she was 7 years old, she took part in drawing competitions at school and always won the highest prize. In high school, despite being up to her eyes in study schedule and important exams, she spent weekends going here and there around her hometown village to paint poetic landscapes there. Everyone has a mission in life. As for Tam Lu, she early discovered that her mission is to infuse life into interior architectural works and create inspiring spaces for everyone. Tam Lu determined to pass the entrance exam to Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in 1998.


After her graduation, she spent more 8 years working and honing her skills at multinational interior architecture corporations. No matter where she worked, she proved she was the best. Yet, a comfortable life with a stable job in a large company wasn’t what she lived for. She always strives for flying high and challenging her limits. With that in mind, she decided to quit her good job and lay the first stone in her own company named Alisarch.

Alisarch– where large corporations “place trust in”

With years of experience, boldness, and industry knowledge, it didn’t take Tam Lu much time to turn Alis into a familiar name to the clients and partners in this industry.

Alisarch has been chosen for important projects of such major corporations as Toyota, BMW, Keppel Land, Jamila, Merita, Louis Vuitton, Stolz Miras, Nissan, etc. This is a testament to its admirable success.

One of the outstanding projects that makes the name for Alis is the office building of Stolz Miras company. This is among the most modern office buildings in Bien Hoa city. Black – the main color – is used to portray a metal industry company. It is mixed with the green color of plants and trees to create a relaxing green space while ensuring the balance of colors. Different from the exterior, the interior is a cozy space to bring comfort and cohesion to the employees.

Sturdy, elegant exterior design

Stolz Miras is a company specializing in processing mechanical industrial equipment, so Alisarch advised the company to choose black as the main color of its office building. Seen from the outside, the office building of Stolz Miras has a sturdy, hefty, yet modern look.

Its interior space is designed to be close to nature. Alisarch chose to build frameless tempered glass walls in the façade to take advantage of natural light. Owing to this solution, the office is not only spacious and airy but also cool.

Cozy, modern interior

Unlike the exterior, the interior space is cozy, making the employees feel like home.

Wooden yellow is the main color of the interior, creating a cozy atmosphere

The blend of golden color and black color of iron details gives the feeling of steadiness in the CEO’s working area

With its own woodworking workshop where lots of modern machines are put into use, Alisarch made the best and most beautiful furniture products possible for Stolz Miras.

The majority of the tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, stairs, and walls there are made with Thailand’s veneered MDF that is resistant to high humidity, durable, hard, anti-termite, and anti-warping.

Such a large company as Stolz Miras has high requirements for quality. Therefore, Alisarch has devoted itself to this project, from design to construction.

The predestined meeting with businessman Piotr Manko – bringing Vietnamese architecture to the world

On November 25, 2020, Tam Lu met Piotr Manko by chance at a business networking event by British Chamber. Sharing design perspectives and career ambitions, Tam Lu and Piotr Manko had nearly 2 years working together to develop a strategy for bringing Vietnam’s architecture and interior industry to the world.


Piotr Manko has extensive experience in the back office and Health & Safety of the Polish government and local government, plus over 11 years success career in at Johnson Matthey PLC in UK. With a burning passion for architecture, he spent much time researching Art Deco and other architectural styles in many countries, including Vietnam. Realizing the potential for the development of Vietnam’s interior design market, Piotr Manko nurtured the idea of cooperating with design companies in Vietnam to develop a transnational design network.

The meeting of Piotr and Tam Lu is considered “right person, right time”. In order to fulfill the desire of taking Vietnamese design to the international level, they conducted the very first step of establishing Alisarch office in the UK. The office specializes in providing architectural and furniture design solutions in the United Kingdom.


Alisarch’s office in the UK: 17 Willey Terrace, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6UD.



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