A perfect blend of luxury and peace at Urban Hill in District 7, HCMC

With an area of 100m2, we styled this apartment with wood, iron, and glass. It comes with 3 bedrooms and an open-plan living room that bleeds softly into the kitchen. This arrangement saves space, yet ensures full amenities. A cream color dining table made with rattan stone to catch your eyes is set under a unique ceiling light system that adds contrast to the living room, easily dividing the two spaces.

The white blended with gentle pink accents scattered around the space creates a feeling of peace and modern luxury that is unmatched. The living room comes with a PVC imitation stone wall behind the TV shelf, and this combined with the glossy acrylic-coated industrial wooden paneling and the golden-copper chandelier that bathes the room in warm light, adds an aura of elegance. A 2-layer curtain is added, wrapping around the space, shielding it from the harsh sun.

We wanted to ensure the bedrooms serve their purpose: give the owner a good night’s sleep after stressful hours. The gentle tones and cubic lines create a warm feeling right before you close your eyes.

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